SACHSEN!TEXTIL as an initiative for the Saxon textile industry was established on behalf of Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Labour. You are welcome to discover on our homepage the variety of Saxon textile companies and to get information on events and activities of our branch.

The Saxon textile and clothing industry has not only a long-standing tradition but also a strong present and an excellent innovation potential. Modern products like spacer fabrics, interlaid scrims for composite structures, medical textiles and high quality functional textiles are produced in our region.

All sectors of the textile chain can be found: textile research, yarn and fabric production, textile finishing and ready-to-wear manufacturing as well as rope making, narrow fabric and trimming manufacturing. This offers an excellent basis for cooperation activities and networking to develop innovative products, technologies and services. Innovation and cooperation are the factors for success of the Saxon textile cluster.

Innovationsreport 2014

Der SACHSEN!TEXTIL e.V. veröffentlicht den „Innovationsreport Textil“.

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"Textilregion Sachsen"

Die Imagebroschüre über die Textilregion Sachsen kann ab sofort kostenfrei angefordert werden.

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Vereinsgründung texton e.V.

Am 12. Dezember 2013 fand in Chemnitz die Gründungsversammlung des Vereins „texton e.V.“ statt.

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futureTEX als Zukunftsmodell in der vierten industriellen Revolution

Das vom STFI e.V. geführte Firmen- und Forschungsnetzwerk erhält 45 Mio. Euro vom BMBF

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